Meet Our Team!

Travis J. Bowman

Owner of Bowman Bakery, Inc.


Background: Growing up in a candy and confection store is every kids dream! Well thanks to my Aunt and Grandmother, I was one lucky kid. With grandma baking wedding and specialty cakes, and my aunt preparing all the delicous candies of Olympian I got to dream of one day coming a great pastry chef, and Hopefully combine all those experiences to creat amazing desserts! Who knew that just 15 yrs later I would have my own bakery and have had some amazing experinces with world reknowned chefs. After high school I took of to college to find my way. That way led me to an interview with a hiring manager with Walt Disney World Resorts(Orlando, Fl). After My first semester i landed an internship
with Disney. WoW! Was all I could think. 2 months later, I was living in a Sunny paradise, walking into work with one of the most famous characters of all time, Mickey Mouse! After working a year at Disney,  in Various locations, Resturants, Night clubs, Parks, and resorts I had met many people from all over the world! One of the friends introduced me to a new world, one that could Hone my skills and train me to be the Pastry chef that I aimed for. In december of 2005 I signed onto attend the Orlando Culinary Academy's le Cordon Bleu program. This was a lot of work, spending 5 nights a week in a kitchen to learn pushed me hard, understanding the basics, and advanced areas of Baking. During this schooling, I took a break away from disney, taking on a new job. Working in a sugar Heaven! Notter school of pastry arts, with World champion sugar Artist Ewald Notter. During this time was a great experience. After that I went back to Disney working in the Contemporary Hotel's Pastry department. 2 Years later, A new Oppurtunity arose, a small donut shoppe in my hometown was up forsale. I saw this as an oppurtunity to move on to another lifelong goal of mine. To own my own bakery and Pastry shop, So last year at the age of 24 I took over and Opened the Doors to Bowman Bakery... stepping into the future one dessert at a time!


Certificates & Awards:

  • Associates Degree Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Le Cordon bleu Graduate 2007
  • Presenting Chef Disney's International Food and Wine Festival 2007
  • Presenting Chef Disney's International Food and Wine Festival 2008